Egyptian Pumpkin Seed Oil 17oz

Egyptian Pumpkin Seed Oil 17oz

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  • Glass bottle with sunproof matte
  • 100% best Egyptian seeds
  • Coldest press method up to 115˚F
  • Most potent on Earth
  • Unique dark reddish color
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BioNatal Pumpkin Seed Oil main benefits:

  • Support immune system
  • Improve eye vision
  • Support muscles and bones
  • Fight against intestinal parasites
  • Improve better sleep
  • Developing brain activity

Pumpkin Seed Oil uses in cosmetology:

  • Helps skin from burns 
  • Helps with cracked lips
  • Prevents early skin aging
  • Supports skin during allergic processes
  • Supports hair and nails grow
  • Very friendly with all kinds of skin

Pumpkin seed oil should not be subjected to heat treatment. When heated, it loses its beneficial properties. It is best used as a dressing for salads and cold sauces.

In ancient medical manuals, Pumpkin Seed Oil is credited with a huge and wide range of uses. Very interesting, but in some countries of the world, modern doctors also believe that it is difficult to find a case in which Pumpkin Oil would not be beneficial. Such conclusions are based on studies of its chemical composition and years of practical application. This is why all sources are claiming that Pumpkin Seed Oil is the best support for overall health. An interesting fact: in the Middle Ages, due to the small yield of pumpkin in Europe, the cost of a 5-ounce bottle of Pumpkin Seed Oil was equal to the cost of a gold ring.

Pumpkin Oil, cultivated in Europe and many other countries of the world, has a greenish tint. It is characteristic that the oil from Egyptian seeds gives a dark red tint, and at the same time the aroma and taste are much stronger. It is widely used in cooking in the Far and Middle East, it gives dishes an exquisite taste and aroma. However, the main value of Pumpkin Seed Oil is in its amazing properties due to its biochemical composition.

One of the most common uses of Pumpkin Seed Oil is to strengthen and support the immune system. At the same time, as already mentioned, this valuable oil has an unlimited range of beneficial properties for the human body. In cosmetology, pumpkin seed oil is an indispensable component of creams and masks of many world brands for problematic and sensitive skin.

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