Tablespoon or Teaspoon

Black Seed Oil daily use

Black Cumin Oil is becoming one of the most popular oils on the planet today. Presently, there is not one country in the world where people do not know about such miraculous oil from the blessed seeds and its properties.

People from all over the world disseminate information about Nigella Sativa seeds and share their experience with it. However, some customers continue asking the following questions:

How to use Black Seed Oil on a daily basis?
How many times a day to take Black Seed Oil?

Since ancient times people of the Middle East have known about Nigella Sativa seeds. They use the seeds as a spice for cooking. However, there is no specific method for taking Black Seed Oil and no prescription as long as this oil is not a medical drug. Anyway, there are common rules for how to use Black Seed Oil that people have followed for hundreds of years.

Two teaspoon or two tablespoon per day?

Developed over time, the practice of daily intake of Black Seed Oil is two teaspoons of oil per day. But is it really effective?

85% of seeds of the Nigella Sativa flowers are not nutrient-rich as Ethiopian seeds. Those oils worldwide bring Thymoquinone level from 0.15% up to 1.33% according to our investigations that you can watch on our YouTube channel. In fact, these oils are not really bitter and not potent enough.

Therefore, people can take all Black Seed Oils (except Ethiopian) up to two tables spoons a day — one tablespoon in the morning and once at night before bedtime.

What about the strongest Ethiopian black seed oil?

The most potent seeds on Earth come from Ethiopia. Black Seed Oil made from 100% of Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds cannot be taken more than two teaspoons a day, preferably after your meals. The high TQ level of this oil makes the oil a little bit acidic, so you don’t want to irritate your empty stomach.

If you have taken Black Seed Oil but are new to BioNatal Ethiopian Black Seed Oil, we recommend starting the first week with just one teaspoon in the morning AFTER breakfast. This method will allow your body to tolerate the most potent Black Cumin Oil on Earth.

How long should I take Black Seed Oil?

Nigella Sativa seed has many nutrients for our body and, most importantly, for our immune system: Thymoquinone, Hydrothymoquinone, and Thymol. It’s an excellent supplement that promotes overall good health for the human body and immune system booster. Additionally, studies have shown that Black Seed Oil shows no adverse side effects when consumed moderately.

With that said, you can make Black Seed Oil part of your everyday diet. According to Dr. Mohammed Ramzi, we need the oil from blessed seeds daily during all our entire life in terms to keep immune system always at high level and protect best health.