Black Seed Oil Potency Comparison

Black Seed Oil Potency: Comparison and Analysis

What Nigella Sativa seeds and what Black Seed Oil are the best in the world? We wondered the same thing here at BioNatal. One of the biggest and most important components of Black Seed Oil is Thymoquinone (TQ), a bioactive agent known as immune system booster. But the number of TQ in black cumin seeds is different and depends on the geographical location of the farm. There are twelve countries in the world who grow Nigella Sativa flowers and only seven countries produce big quantity of seeds for oil extractions. So, to know what seeds and what oil is the best, we just had to collect all seven country seeds and test them for Thymoquinone level.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re lab testing seven different seeds to learn more about black seed oil potency so you can set the right expectations. This work wouldn’t be done right without independent third-party witness such as On the Radar (Radar Plus Nutrition).

About our Black Seed Oil Testing Process

Before we dive into the results, let’s talk about our process. We first had to collect different Black Seed Oil brands for comparison and there are a couple of videos you can watch on the YouTube channel On The Radar. Here’s the thing: there could be hundreds of brands of Black Seed Oil but out of all those brands, the oil is only coming from one of these seven countries (or is a mix of multiple seeds). These countries are: Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Ethiopia.

After it was confirmed that all oils on the market are using the oils made of the seeds from seven countries then the target was to get the best Nigella Sativa seeds from all these countries. So, we focused on testing seeds from Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Ethiopia. We spent a few months to find the best farmers and collect the samples at our BioNatal facility in Texas.

Black Seed Oil Potency Testing: Reason and the Results

For our analysis, we collected black seeds from the top farmers in the seven countries. Once we extracted the oil from those seeds, we reviewed each oil’s taste and color before sending them to an independent testing lab. When we’re talking about the potency of Black Cumin Seed Oil, we’re referring first of all to the level of Thymoquinone.

The reason we’re doing this testing is because many black seed oil brands feel they can claim whatever potency they want and not have any supporting documentation for it. BioNatal LLC has been in this business for a long time and we know that Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds have the highest TQ but we had to back up our claim.

We used a top-rated laboratory in the United States because of their strict regulations for quality and their sophisticated technology that can ensure integrity through the process. We want to encourage you to watch our Investigation PlayList on our YouTube channel bellow to see the results and get more additional information about seeds, harvesting quantity, oil extracting quantity and many more.