3 factors to get highest Thymoquinone level in the Black Seed Oil

Uncover the truth about Thymoquinone (TQ) in Black Seed Oil

It is widely recognized that individuals seek to purchase Black Seed Oil with the highest levels of Thymoquinone (TQ), which serves as a crucial support for the human immune system. Unfortunately, some unethical companies, particularly Indian ones, exploit this fact and prioritize sales over authenticity. They falsely advertise inflated TQ levels for their Black Seed Oil, utilizing deceptive Indian TQ analyses for marketing purposes.

This article aims to uncover the truth about Thymoquinone (TQ) in Black Seed Oil, including the highest attainable TQ levels and the factors that contribute to TQ content in Nigella Sativa seeds. BioNatal LLC has diligently gathered Nigella seeds cultivated specifically for the extensive Black Cumin Seed Oil market. Through comprehensive analyses, we have discovered that TQ levels can vary by up to 40 times when comparing seeds from different origins. The remaining task is to determine the underlying causes behind such significant differences.

After several years of experimentation and planting Nigella Sativa seeds in various locations, we stumbled upon the answer. In Ukraine, we managed to obtain a small yield of Nigella Sativa flowers, but they did not produce seed pods. Our search led us to farmers in the USA who attempted to cultivate the plant in different regions and during two distinct seasons, but their efforts proved to be entirely unsuccessful. Through collaborative investigations with these American farmers, we finally uncovered all the answers we were seeking, and the TQ analysis levels, based on seed origin, confirmed our findings. The factors influencing TQ levels turned out to be simple agricultural considerations, and it became evident that Ethiopia holds a significant advantage over other countries in terms of black seed production. Now, let us unveil the truth...

3 main factors of Thymoquinone creation in the Nigella Sativa seeds:

  1. Distance from the equator: As closer to the equator more TQ will be created in the seeds. Perfect climate is what the Nigella Sativa flower needs. Ethiopian farms are the closest to the equator than any other countries who are farming this plant.
  2. Elevation of the farms: Having a high elevation is crucial for ensuring optimal nutrition and the production of seeds with the highest quality. Ethiopian farms, situated between 1500 and 2500 meters above sea level, outshine farms in other parts of the world, which typically range between 400 and 700 meters in elevation. This stark contrast in elevation contributes significantly to the superior nutritional value found in seeds grown in Ethiopia.
  3. Seasonal frame: The timing of harvest plays a vital role in determining the nutritional value of crops worldwide. Winter is known to yield the best and most potent crops globally. In the case of Nigella Sativa seeds, Ethiopia stands alone as the sole provider with a harvest in December. In contrast, other countries harvest black seeds between April and September, the exact time frame depending on their respective geographical locations.

Presenting BioNatal LLC, the pioneering company that proudly asserts its position as the first in the world to make this bold claim. We are not merely sellers of the oil; we are driven by an unwavering commitment to understand every aspect of the product we provide for the betterment of human health and wellness.


Regardless of the false claims made by scammers on product labels, it is now evident that none of the Black Seed Oils can surpass the Thymoquinone (TQ) levels found in Ethiopian oil due to three crucial agricultural factors. Even though certain Indian companies assert TQ percentages of 10%, 15%, or even 20%, the reality is that Indian kalonji seeds typically contain around 0.5% TQ. Only a select few rare farms located at higher elevations in India, with an earlier harvest, can provide TQ levels that do not exceed 1.45%.

Farming in the USA is impossible but only in 4 States that probably will be able to provide harvest of Nigella Sativa seeds with TQ not higher than 0.5%. On this side of Earth only Columbia probably will be the only option for planting black seeds.

Another time we prove that after many years of investigations, BioNatal LLC provides customers with the best and the strongest Black Seed Oil with TQ up to 4.64%. No Black Cumin Oil in the world can beat this result because there are no any farms better than BioNatal farms in Ethiopia that will better match all main agricultural factors for the Thymoquinone creation.