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Made in USA with the pure Black Seeds from Ethiopia

Three key factors that make BioNatal black seed oil unique, special and different:


  • We use the richest Nigella Sativa seeds on the planet which come from Ethiopia. These beneficial and expensive seeds give us the strongest oil possible.

  • The coldest press method ever possible has a temperature of 77-84°F that gives us the purest black seed oil free of any kind of burning effect or materials. We use manual temperature control during the extraction process.

  • We never filter in order to keep the oil natural. One month after extracting the oil we manually separate pure black cumin oil from the sediment (powdered seeds). We then, manually add 5% of powdered seeds into each 16oz container so our customers get nonfiltered black seed oil but with the optimal quantity of sediment in it. 


Officially! BioNatal

has one of the

strongest levels of


"I tried a bunch of black seed oils before being blown away by the strength and potency of Bionatal's black seed oil. It is simply the best black seed oil hands down and that's why I chose to highlight it on my Youtube channel. Radar approved!!" 

—  Meech, YouTube Blogger

BioNatal Natural Products

BioNatal’s main product is produced from Nigella Sativa seeds. We use only the best pure black seeds from Ethiopia, as—after comparing many seed analyses over the course of four years—we found that only Ethiopia has the highest quality seeds. These seeds are the richest in minerals and nutrition components due to various circumstances, which you can read about on the Black Seeds page. 

Our main product is Black Seed Oil as it’s in high demand and has become more and more popular worldwide after official research results confirmed ancient Middle Eastern theories. The most important advantage which you get in buying BioNatal’s Black Seed Oil is that our oil is one-time cold pressed. In addition, we use only fresh seeds from Ethiopian main growers, you can learn more about on the Quality page. 

Why do we use seed sediment?


BioNatal owners are sure that the handmade method of producing black seed oil is the only way to get maximum quality from the black seeds.
Bionatal's handmade process and the use of high-quality Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds have shown us we are on the right path. Both factors have provided a fantastic result: A  third-party verified level Thymoquinone at 3.56%. 

What makes handmade black seed oil method different than the classic?

Most important is that this method allows us to provide non-filtered black seed oil and keep the whole oil structure. Every bottle of BioNatal black cumin seed oil contains 5% of powdered Nigella Sativa seeds. It is the original seed itself along with the oil that gives the highest TQ level.

After extracting the black cumin oil we have 80% of oil and 20% of powdered seeds. BioNatal then lets the oil sit for 30-35 days (called our sedimentation process). Next, we separate the oil from the powdered seeds bottle every 16 oz bottle with 95% oil and 5% of powdered seed/sediment. Machinery or equipment can not do this process. 

The handmade method is key to the highest-quality black seed oil

BioNatal can control the extracting process due to the limited quantity of extracted oil. It helps us monitor the extracting process: pureness of seeds delivered to the pressing equipment and obtaining oil temperature. 

BioNatal’s Quality Assurance of black seed oil:

     - Use of commercial equipment (slow working speed gives low press temperature)
     - Use of equipment for 3 hours a day ONLY (after 4 hours any equipment is heating the oil, so we end it early)
     - Temperature log is being recorded every hour on all pressing machines (75 to 98F)  (cold-press standard is 115F)

     - Benzo(a)pyrene level is 0.95 ng/kg (this is the cold-press confirmation which should be less than 2.0 ng/kg)   

Handmade keeps the oil fresh 

This manual method also allows BioNatal always to provide fresh oil. We extract in small portions and only to meet what our customers demand. When buying BioNatal black seed oil, be at peace and know that your bottle was packaged right after the 30-35 days sediment process. Our labels will always provide you with the latest production date! 

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We are the only company offering just the

strongest oil! 


Our factory never sells products wholesale or for exports to different countries as we remain a very young company as which only began production at the end of 2017. That’s why we have an Online Store on our website where American citizens and customers all over the world can buy the strongest black seed oil from Ethiopia seeds and other BioNatal products online at the best price. This online store is for people who are looking for the benefits of the Middle East’s natural products while using an item that was produced under the United States’ strict quality and sanitation standards. 


Bionatal, LLC was formed in 2017 by Wilfredo Hinojosa and Rashid Demchenko.  Together they combined experience, knowledge and the passion for developing innovative quality products.  

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