Strongest black seed oil
in the market Strongest black seed oil
in the market

Strongest black seed oil
in the market

BioNatal has one of the strongest levels of Thymoquinone up to 4.64%

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BioNatal Black Seed Oil Production

Nigella Sativa seeds

We use the richest Nigella Sativa seeds on the planet which come from Ethiopia. These beneficial and expensive seeds give us the strongest oil possible.

Coldest press method

The coldest press method ever possible has a temperature of 77-96°F that gives us the purest black seed oil free of any kind of burning effect or materials. We use manual temperature control during the extraction process.

Virgin oil

Oil is never filtered to keep it natural and virgin. One month after extraction, we manually separate the pure black cumin oil from the sediment (powdered seeds). The, we manually add 5% of powdered seeds into each 16oz container so our customers get nonfiltered black seed oil with the optimal quantity of sediment in it.

Highest Thymoquinone (TQ) Level

With the TQ level up to 4.64%, BioNatal's revolutionary handmade method of producing black seed oil is the only way to get the maximum quality from high-quality Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds.

Pure and natural
Bionatal Working Process

93% of the world's companies buy black seed oil in the Far and Middle East, as well as in Africa. After that, the oil is bottled in its own branded containers and sold in the local market. BioNatal is a producer of the oil and it is sourced directly from farmers in the best region of Ethiopia. BioNatal carries out all the processes from start to finish.

Importance of seed sediment
BioNatal Black Seed Oil Quality

BioNatal cares about every single batch and we want our black cumin oil to have powdered Nigella Sativa seeds so that our customers get 100% of black seeds benefits.
The Quality page on our website describes the material we use, the production method and the uniqueness of natural sediment that makes BioNatal non-filtered black seed oil the best.

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Strongest Black Seed Oil Production Process

Why BioNatal Black Seed Oil is the Best

New Highest Thymoquinone (TQ) Level Confirmed for Black Seed Oil

Nigella Sativa Seeds

Black cumin is a wonderful spice that has a tart, bitter taste and nice smell. Due to its stable aroma, black cumin is often used in spicy compositions.

Nigella Sativa seeds are very widely used in North African and Middle Eastern cuisine as Arabic people like spicy food and are well informed about the benefits of black seeds.

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