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Black Cumin Seed Effects and Benefits
Black Cumin Seed Effects and Benefits

Benefits promoting good health

Overall Black Seed Oil has many benefits and promotes good health. Many research and studies have been done. Nowadays, this oil is used in various ways. sources such as health and natural medicine portals, forums, blogs, and informative websites mention the many benefits the oil has. As per FDA regulations, Bionatal, LLC can not share the many uses and benefits black seed offers, unless we have the actual physical evidence. A famous Spanish saying states if that “if there is sound in the river, its because it carries water”. We encourage you to research and find out what people, bloggers and social media are saying. Readings of history include famous ruler Cleopatra, and how she had many uses for Black Seed Oil. Find readings from Dioscorides and Hippocrates. Additionally we have found the following entities doing research:

Professor and expert in oncology Dr. Peter Schleicher, studies of the medical faculty of Egyptian University Al-Azhar, big works of Egyptian Dr. Ahmen El Kady, researches of Californian Immuno-Biological Research Laboratory, American scientists report "Study of the effects of Nigella Sativa on humans", works of Dr. Debasis Mondal from Tulane University, reports of Dr. Steven R. Goodman, results of the Wayne State Medical University professor and head of the Center of Cancer Research Dr. Mohammed Ramsey, TJ University in Philadelphia, studies of the University of Ankara, No.12 journal of Applied and Fundamental Research, Dhaka University in Bangladesh studies, and many others...

  1. Nigella Sativa is one of the oldest spices used by people
  2. To date, more than 150 scientific studies in different countries are known. It was revealed that the unique combination of biologically active substances contained in the black cumin seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant gives many positive effects.
  3. For women, phytosterols and antibacterial substances that are found in caraway seed oil are of particular importance.
  4. People in the Far and the Middle East are using it throughout life to get the full effect of the beneficial properties of the wonderful black seeds.
  5. Peoples in the Middle East and North Africa are using it not only internal but also external and they have big knowledge and traditions about using black seed oil for skin and hair health. The knowledge of black seed oil benefits is transferring from generation to generation since ancient times.

Since 1959, many of black seeds’ health welfares have been confirmed by a number of tests in biomedical literature.

To list all the researches resulting from around the world would be impossible so, in this paragraph, we just want to show you a few key results published regarding the effects and benefits.

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