The miraculous seed
About Black Seed
About Black Seed

The miraculous seed

Seeds of black cumin are actively used in cooking, as a flavoring seasoning. However, their importance is not limited to this. From these small seeds, a wonderful product is obtained, which has a huge number of useful properties – black seed oil.

These precious seeds are gotten from the fetus of the flower Nigella Sativa. It originated from foreign southwestern Asia the Mediterranean, and from there it spread to some countries in Africa, where today it is very productive with a large quantity. The plant reaches a height about knee-deep, has a straight branchy stem, dissected leaves, and bluish flowers. It’s similarly recognized as black seed, 100% black seeds, comino negro, black cumin, black onion, black sesame, black-caraway, nigella, pure black seed, and kalonji.

Healing oil

The miraculous capacities of the dark cumin have been known centuries. We believe this to be real. It is supposed, that this is one of the secrets of the beauty of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The rulers of the Middle East took the oil of Kalonji to maintain good health and longevity.

The ancient Egyptians had many uses for black seed oil: such as a natural cosmetic, as an antidote for snake bites, to improve digestion, to get rid of intestinal parasites. It was found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs in the form of a container with healing oil, as evidenced of the significance of the plant in ancient times. Thus, the oil from the Egyptian seeds was eventually named "Royal".

A long-history seed

According to modern archaeological research, the history of the use of this flower’s seed oil/oils in traditional remedy in Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East is about 3000 years old. There are many historical facts of priming these seeds by ancient scientists and healers. So, for example, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates knew about the Nigella Sativa and applied it to treat his patients. His compatriot Dioscorides used these seeds for treating headaches and toothaches.

1- The Prophet Mohammed (SAW) told about this plant “There is healing in black seeds for all diseases except death” (Sahih Bukhari 7:71:592).
2- Written mention of black cumin is recorded in the pages of the Bible (Isaiah 28, 23-29).
3- Ayurvedic tracts mentioned about beneficial properties of black onion seeds.

Complex chemical composition

The reason for the popularity of Nigella Sativa seeds as a universal natural remedy is the complex chemical composition of the seeds. Each tiny seed contains a vast quantity of vitamins, natural resources, and sources of fatty acids. The main active component of the oil is a crystalline nigelon, a substance that is not fully understood by chemists, but has been thoroughly investigated by physicians.

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