Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)

Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)

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  • 100% Ethiopian seeds
  • One-time press
  • Coldest press method
  • Non-filtered
  • Highest TQ up to 4.64%
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BioNatal Ethiopian Black Seed Oil detailed specifications:

  • 100% Ethiopian Nigella Sativa used.
  • Seeds from a certified sustainable grower in Ethiopia.
  • Fresh crop (not older than 12 months).
  • The pureness of the black seeds is 99% (Sortex cleaned method).
  • One-time pressed seeds only.
  • Coldest press possible with a temperature of 77-98˚F at BioNatal facility in USA and Egypt.
  • Non-filtered (Not less than 30 days sedimentation process after extraction).
  • Presence of natural sediment (powdered black seeds) up to 5% in each container.
  • Storage at BioNatal facility with specific climate control in the glass jars.
  • Fresh weekly bottling process.
  • Thymoquinone (TQ) level is up to 4.64% (due to the specific elevation of the farms in Ethiopia and nearest distance to equator).

Certificates and Analysis

All Certificates of Analyses that prove the purity and quality of the Nigella Sativa seeds used, the cold pressing process and the level of Thymoquinone in BioNatal black seed oil.

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Description of the main conditions for the Black Seed Oil production, which are used by BioNatal to obtain a quality product.

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Working Process

A complete description of the production process of the highest quality Black Cumin Seed Oil from the Nigella Sativa seed harvest in Ethiopia to the production of oil and shipment to consumers.

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