Indonesian Vegetable Glycerin

Indonesian Vegetable Glycerin 23oz

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  • Glass bottle with sunproof matte
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BioNatal Indonesian Vegetable Glycerin:

The substance is harmless to the body and is in demand in many areas of our life. Mainly Glycerol is used in Cosmetology, Cooking, and Pharmaceutics.

Cooking uses of Vegetable Glycerin (known also as E 422):
  • Bakery products - prevents the formation of a stale crust, gives splendor
  • Confectionery - improves texture
  • Non-alcoholic liquids, liqueurs - glycerin makes them softer in taste, used as a thickener
  • Chewing gum - improves viscosity, used as a sugar substitute
  • Pasta - reduces stickiness when cooked
  • Biscuits and other low-fat products - as a filler
  • Chocolate - the ingredient makes it more delicate in taste
  • Ice cream - as a flavor stabilizer
Cosmetic uses of Glycerin:
  • Used to soften personal care products. As a moisturizing component, it is used to produce face creams, masks, and body ointments.
  • The use of glycerin for hair is popular - shampoos with its content make hair silkier.
  • Improves the quality of handmade soap and softens the skin. Glycerin soap is suitable for people with sensitive skin.
Pharmaceutical uses of Glycerin:
  • To improve the elasticity of various preparations and solutions.
  • It is used instead of water because it perfectly dissolves water and alcohol. With it, it is possible both, to increase and decrease the viscosity of the drug.
  • Based on Glycerin, a shell for tablets is produced.

Not many average people know what is and what for Glycerin (also called Glycerol) but in fact you can find it everywhere around you: cosmetics, food (E 422), medical drugs. First, we need to understand what this product is and how to know that it’s real.

Glycerin is a sweet-tasting, odorless astringent liquid, highly soluble in water. It is viscous and dense, like honey, but dissolves easily in water. This happens because the Glycerol molecule HO-CH2-CH(OH)-CH2-OH has three hydroxyl groups, in total they make up 55% of the mass of the molecule. In turn, the water molecule H-OH (or HO-H) has the same hydroxyl groups, but they make up 100% of the mass of the molecule. Hydroxyl groups have the ability to form strong hydrogen bonds.

The taste is sweet but has no color or smell. When you apply it on your skin it feels like honey and is also sticky but due to the reason described before, it will totally clean out after contact with water. There is still no clear scientific explanation for why it causes a sensation of sweetness, but it is believed that Glycerin, having three hydroxyl groups, is somewhat similar in structure to sugars, therefore its taste is perceived as sweet.

How to know that it’s real and not just some kind of transparent oil with sugar? The answer is easy – Glycerin is very heavy. If any kind of seed oil in a 500ml bottle will be 16-18oz, then the Glycerin is 23oz. You can make a fake product, but you cannot change the molecule structure that affects the weight of the product.

Glycerin is used in confectionery, sweets, candies, and sweet soft drinks. It is used as a food additive in the confectionery, and bakery industry for:

  • Improving the quality of the final product
  • Slowing down the staleness of baked goods
  • Prevention of “graying” of chocolate
  • Increasing the density of creams in cakes and pastries
  • Maintaining a soft structure in sweets and giving them a special sweetness
  • Glycerin is needed for moisture content

Natural Vegetable Glycerin is used in cosmetology and pharmacology, which is of high quality and safe. It is used on the basis of the formulas of most cosmetics for skin care of any type. No moisturizer is complete without Glycerin. In the composition of care products, Glycerin plays the role of not only a skin moisturizer but also effectively fights the signs of early aging: it soothes wrinkles and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Mixing cosmetics with Glycerin is a good way to give your skin a lifting effect at home.

The main properties of Vegetable Glycerin when used in its pure form for the skin:

  • Moisturizes
  • Softens
  • Updates
  • Protects
  • Smoothes

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