Egyptian desert Wide Leaf Arugula Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)

Egyptian Desert Wide Leaf Arugula Seed Oil 16oz

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  • Glass bottle with sunproof matte
  • Egyptian desert seeds
  • Best world kind
  • Best natural oil for hair on Earth
  • Coldest press method up to 115˚F
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BioNatal Egyptian Desert Wide Leaf Arugula Seed Oil:

This is not any better natural oil on Earth for straightening your hair. The secret is in the geolocation of the wide-leaf arugula herb farms that are in the Luxor area in the Egyptian desert. It is an unexplainable fact that this herb is not growing anywhere but in Egypt. The beneficial properties of the oil from the seeds of wide-leaf arugula are well known in Egypt from the times of ancient Egyptian queens but today no companies provide this product due to the shortage of desert seeds and the small amount of oil in it. Don’t confuse Wide Leaf Arugula Oil with the oil from ordinary arugula seeds.

Wide Leaf Arugula Oil for hair
  • Straightening the hair roots
  • Straightening the hair
  • Recovery of the hair roots
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Prevents early graying

Arugula is a very famous herb that is also well known as Rocolla, Rocola, Rucola, Eruca, Eruca Sativa, Rocket, Roquette. It’s cultivated in many countries worldwide. The leaf of arugula has a Christmas tree form and is very thin but in Egypt, it grows differently, and the leaves are very wide. The form of the leaves is not the only difference.

Many companies try to grow wide-leaf arugula using Egyptian seeds in neighboring countries like Israel and Syria. It was brought to the United States and Mexico, but it refuses to grow. At the same time, there are two kinds of wide-leaf arugula seeds in Egypt: from the northern mud farms and from the southern desert farms. For oil extraction, Egyptian companies are using northern seeds as they are rich in oil, but BioNatal LLC uses desert seeds.

The oil in the desert seeds is limited and very expensive, but this is the key to the oil power. Less oil inside the seed in the desert climate is receiving from the plant a significant number of polyphenols. Studies of the oils of similar plants from the desert showed x30 superiority of Polyphenol. Therefore, the expensive price of the desert-wide leaf arugula seeds and the shortage of oil in it never stopped BioNatal LLC from bringing the best Earth product to United States consumers.

No need for more explanations, just read reviews of real people who use BioNatal Wide Leaf Arugula Oil for their hair in the comment section of the videos about this oil on our YouTube channel.

A combination of three Egyptian-origin seed oils (Black Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Wide Leaf Arugula Oil) significantly speeds hair growth. Take it in consideration when you buy Wide Leaf Arugula Oil.

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