Egyptian desert Jojoba Seed Oil 4.2oz

Egyptian Desert Jojoba Seed Oil 4.2oz

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  • Glass bottle with sunproof matte
  • Egyptian desert seeds
  • Best world kind
  • Rich in natural collagen
  • Coldest press method up to 115˚F
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BioNatal Egyptian desert Jojoba Seed Oil:

This is the best kind of Jojoba Seed Oil because the seeds we use are from the real Sahara Desert of the Luxor area. Jojoba is a desert plant, and this kind of seed is way superior to any other planted on artificial farms like in California or Mexico.

Jojoba Seed Oil for skin care:
  • Supplies skin with natural collagen (very effective for people after 35 years old)
  • Helps epidermal cells to regenerate
  • Forms a protective barrier on the skin against moisture loss
  • The oil is rich in amino acids that promote the absorption of vitamin D during the sunbath
  • Protects from UV
Jojoba Seed Oil for hair care:
  • Main component of the best world beard balms and lotions
  • Helps hair fight harmful substances and toxins
  • Gives hair healthy look
  • Pure oil is an excellent hair mask
  • Restores hair structures from the inside

At its core, Jojoba Seed Oil is a wax rich in acids and vitamins. 90% of the world market offers Jojoba Oil from US and Mexico seeds but Egyptian desert seeds are very rare and expensive, so not any company can offer the oil from Egyptian desert Sahara seeds.

This desert plant is wild, and the shelf life of its oil is very long. There are cases when in the burials of Egyptian queens and wives of the Pharaohs, vessels with Jojoba Oil were found, the composition of which practically did not change over time. Therefore, Jojoba Oil in Egypt is called Liquid Gold.

Besides the seeds’ uniqueness, the quality of the extraction method is important. Jojoba seeds are very big and strong, so it gives extra pressure on the press equipment. As a result, the friction temperature is going up after just 30 minutes of the extraction process and the hot press is killing main beneficial components in the oil. Therefore BioNatal LLC remodeled new equipment at the BioNatal facility in the USA to make sure that our extraction temperature is not rising up higher than the cold press limit of 115˚F.

The factor of rare desert seeds and the unique cold press method gives BioNatal LLC a great result – the real Liquid Gold that will be a big gift for the health of your skin and hair. Try the best product on the world market today!

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