Egyptian Black Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)

Egyptian Black Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)

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  • 100% Egyptian seeds
  • One-time seeds press
  • Coldest press method
  • Natural flower flavor
  • TQ up to 1.15%
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BioNatal Egyptian Black Seed Oil detailed specifications:

  • 100% Egyptian Nigella Sativa used
  • Seeds from BioNatal farms in Egypt
  • Fresh crop (not older than 12 months)
  • The pureness of the black seeds is 99% (Sortex cleaned method)
  • One-time pressed seeds only
  • Coldest press possible with a temperature of 77-98˚F at BioNatal facility in Egypt
  • Naturally filtered (through the best world Egyptian cotton plant)
  • Storage at BioNatal facility with specific climate control in the glass jars
  • Soft and light Black Seed Oil with minimum bitterness
  • Specific flower taste and scent (due to desert sand farming)
  • Thymoquinone (TQ) level is up to 1.15%

This certificate of analysis will be updated only if a higher level of Thymoquinone  will be detected for Egyptian Black Seed Oil.

BioNatal LLC owns Nigella Sativa farms in the Asyut region of the Egyptian desert. Egyptian black seed oil is very special, this is why we found it and it deserves to be produced at BioNatal. This oil is for people who cannot tolerate the bitter taste of Ethiopian Black Cumin Oil.

Egyptian farms in the desert are the only sand farms in the world that give oil a unique golden color and flower taste. Also, analysis showed that TQ in this oil is 4 times lower than in Ethiopian black seed oil, but it still keeps Egyptian oil in the second potency place after Ethiopian. The sum of Volatile Oils is 3 times lower than Ethiopian, and the Acidic pH level is in the green zone that you can see on the Certificates and Analysis page. In the attached United States lab analysis, you can also see that Benzo(a)pyrene is lower than 2.0 μg/kg that shows and proves the cold press method of this oil extraction at the BioNatal facility in Egypt.

All these factors make Egyptian black seed oil very soft and light, so it is very good for kids and people who cannot tolerate the bitter taste of Ethiopian black cumin oil. More than that, the pH level of this oil clearly shows that this kind of Nigella Sativa oil will be the best choice for hair and skin compared to the pH level of Ethiopian oil.

Certificates and Analysis

All Certificates of Analyses that prove the purity and quality of the Nigella Sativa seeds used, the cold pressing process and the level of Thymoquinone in BioNatal black seed oil.

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Description of the main conditions for the Black Seed Oil production, which are used by BioNatal to obtain a quality product.

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