BioNatal production possibilities

What does it mean to produce high-quality black seed oil and how many of oil BioNatal can extract? This question asked a few customers who are looking to buy our black cumin seed oil wholesale. In this post we will try to explain the situation.

Not many companies want to produce oil the same way we do it. Big companies that sell oil cheap and who can give you 50% discount are able to do so, because from the day they extract the oil to the day they bottling and seal the oil, it takes 2 days. In our case whole handmade process takes about 40-45 days:

- Extracting oil (5 days)

- Waiting for the seed powder to set down (30 days)

- Release the oil and separate it from the sediment (1 day)

- Manually add 5% of sediment to each bottle (2 days)

- Filling oil into the containers (2 days)

- Sealing and labeling (1 day)

So, that’s means that if we sold out all oil bottles, we are not going to have oil for sale until next gallons of oil will be passing 30 days cleaning process. The sign SOLD OUT can appear any time for any of our product because we are working for the quality but never for the quantity. Please, understand that.

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