What TQ X3 and X5 really means?

The meaning of TQ X3 and X5

Newcomers to Black Seed Oil often inquire about the meaning of TQ X3 and X5. It is commonly understood that these designations represent a threefold and fivefold increase in the concentration of Thymoquinone. However, their validity remains questionable. It is rather perplexing to encounter labels displaying TQ X3 or TQ X5 without providing the actual percentage of Thymoquinone or allowing for a comparison of the origin of the Nigella Sativa seeds.

In order to address this question and gain a deeper understanding of the matter, we need to delve back dozens of years ago to about 2000’s when the USA market for Black Seed Oil was just beginning to take shape. During this period, the initial offerings in the USA market were Indian and Turkish Black Seed Oils. These particular oils, derived from Nigella Sativa seeds sourced from India and Turkey, were indeed more potent compared to oils originating from neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Syria, and Israel. Consequently, at that time, the labels featured the designations X3 and X5, as there were no other brands available. In other words, X3 and X5 denoted that these oils were "three times and five times stronger than other oils from the Middle East."

The market for Black Cumin Oil in the USA has significantly expanded over time, with numerous brands and oils from various countries now available. Among them, BioNatal stands out as the producer of the most potent Ethiopian Black Seed Oil in existence. With the introduction of Ethiopian seeds by BioNatal LLC, the legitimacy of the X3 and X5 claims has diminished. However, labels have not been updated since these indicators continue to attract new customers who may be unaware of the variations in seeds and oils.

While times change and markets evolve, the mentality of Mediterranean sellers remains consistent. They will persist in using these labels until the day when all users of Black Seed Oil come to recognize them as mere marketing tactics.