Black Seed Oil Properties

Properties of Black Cumin Oil

There are many articles on the internet about the properties of black seed oil but all articles are not complete. Not one of the articles have a complete list of all the properties of black cumin oil. The first ever full list of black seed oil properties was created by united work of Iraqi and Malaysian Universities. The result was published in “Pertanika” journal of scholarly research in 2016 named "The Various Effects of Nigella Sativa on Multiple Body Systems in Human and Animals".

There are 18 proven properties by Medical Universities of different countries like USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Malaysia, Egypt and so on. There is an opinion that black cumin oil has a total of 23 properties, but there is not yet official evidence for this.

The studies on benefits and properties of black seed oil have taken place since the 1960’s till present day. Most of the proven properties of black seed oil were discovered from 1996 till 2013. We encourage you to find information and studies results from the following professors:

  • El Kadi and Kandil
  • Rogozhin
  • Al Khalaf and Ramadan
  • Halawani
  • Suresh Kumar and Udaya Sankar
  • Halamova
  • Khuder
  • Mohammed and Metwally
  • Sagesaka
  • Ayed and Talat
  • El Dakhakhny
  • El Mezayen
  • Badary
  • Tawfeek
  • Badary
  • Gupta and Mazumder and Kumar and Gomathi
  • Al Asadi
  • Samantha and Nalinie and Ira and Neelakanthi and Mayuri
  • Randhawa and Alghamdi
  • Al Ghamdi
  • Al Naggar and Gómez-Serranillos and Carretero and Villar
  • Al Saif

The most amazing thing is that all these properties together give a person incredible protection of the body. For centuries, thousands of knowledgeable people have been using black seed oil daily as a preventive measure. By strengthening and increasing your immunity, you give the body the opportunity to cope with the negative impact of the external environment, viruses and bacteria without much effort. Knowledgeable and literate people prevent diseases, not cure them.