Jojoba Seed Oil for Skincare

Jojoba Seed Oils for skincare

Imagine a completely natural and superior product that has two of the most essential elements your skin needs. Jojoba oil is the main, richest, and most important ingredient of any beard products or balms. So, Jojoba Oil is a natural haircare and skincare product in same time. BioNatal LLC guarantees to provide you the most potent Jojoba Seed Oil on the market today.

What makes BioNatal Jojoba Seed Oil different? We buy jojoba seeds directly from the Saharan desert Bedouin farmers who produce the best crops. We don’t buy from large plantations or wholesalers who only look for quantity rather than quality. That’s exactly the case because we buy from the deep desert region of Egyptian Luxor.

As you know, jojoba products have been used for centuries. According to the respected WebMD website, “Jojoba, when applied to the skin, is an emollient, which soothes skin and unclogs hair follicles.”

What does jojoba emollient do?

Emollients are necessary for skin health. Really, your skin won’t survive without them...

  • Emollients, like jojoba, are essential to maintaining smooth, health skin.
  • Dry, itchy skin happens when the skin loses moisture in the upper layers.
  • Jojoba emollients bring moisture to the skin and keep the top layers smooth and pliable.
  • Jojoba emollients soften the hard, dry keratin and helps to release the dead skin cells.
  • Jojoba emollients hydrate and keep the skin healthy.
  • Help to keep the skin vibrant and rejuvenated.

What makes BioNatal’s jojoba seeds different?

  • They have a heavier, thicker level of the waxy liquid in the oil due to the deep desert place of growing.
  • This is very similar to the sebum the human skin naturally produces.
  • The sebum acts a moisturizer.
  • The BioNatal Jojoba Seed Oil uses resembles the lipids naturally produced by your skin.

This is what makes BioNatal products better. Being so close to what your skin already produces, BioNatal Jojoba Oil is superior to anything you can find anywhere else because main source of jojoba oils in the US market comes from California, not the Sahara desert.

BioNatal Jojoba Seed Oil and collagen

Jojoba seed oil is rich in collagen. If want your skin to retain a soft, smooth feeling, the collagen in your skin needs to be strengthened. Using BioNatal potent Jojoba Seed Oil will help you maintain your skin’s essential collagen, helping to keep your skin soft and youthful looking.

Fact: your body already makes collagen.
Process: as you age, your body produces less and lower quality collagen.
Result: your skin starts to become less supple, less firm.

Here’s where BioNatal Jojoba Seed Oil comes in. With its more potent ingredients, Jojoba Seed Oil boosts the collagen you’re applying to your skin. Collagen strengthens the skin, making it more resilient, with the added benefit of promoting healing from cuts, bruises and other skin damage.

BioNatal LLC Jojoba Seed Oil cold press processing

As always, BioNatal uses its cold press processing to make sure all of our oils retain the highest quality and most potent strength. But in fact BioNatal faced a big challenge during very first testing Jojoba Oil extraction. The Jojoba Seed is very big and strong, it gives a big pressure on the equipment and rise the fracture temperature during the oil extraction process.

BioNatal LLC specialists remodeled a new pressing oil machine specially for jojoba seeds. It was a big challenge but we were successful and now our Jojoba Seed Oil is extracting with 115˚F (+46˚C) which is the edge of the best cold press and still in range of regular cold press up to 150˚F (+65˚C).

After this experience we have a big question about all Jojoba Oils on the market being cold press as claimed on the labels. But now BioNatal LLC proudly announce that our company’s Jojoba Seed Oil is the best on the market because real Sahara desert seeds used and best possible cold press conditions implemented.