Find the Best Black Seeds

Nigella Sativa: where to find the best black seeds

Perhaps you’ve heard about the health benefits of black seeds (Nigella Sativa) and are eager to try them for yourself. Or maybe your natural health doctor recommended adding Black Seed Oil to your diet. Whatever brought you here, it’s important to understand that not all black seeds are created equal. The source of your black seeds absolutely matters, and we’re going to tell you why and what you need to look for to know you’re getting a quality product.

Source Matters

When it comes to most seeds and seed oil products, like sunflower oil, you usually don’t give a second thought as to where these products come from. You buy sunflower oil and you probably never knew that the best sunflower oil is made in Ukraine. The sunflower fields are a yellow color and represented on the national flag. You use it to cook with and aren’t expecting any amazing benefits from it. But black seeds are a totally different, given the many health benefits they provide. You must know from what the seeds origin and choose the best and most potent seeds.

How can you tell which black seeds are the best?

Nigella Sativa seeds in large quantities for the oil extraction come from several countries in and around the Mediterranean basin and Asia. The top producers as far as quantity include Turkey, Syria, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia. There are other countries that grow seeds for the local market as a cooking food spice such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Tunisia and others.

BioNatal LLC together with the On The Radar (Radar Plus Supplements) in 2020-2021 made investigations on the subject of which Nigella Sativa seeds are the best in the world. The main minerals of the investigations were the levels of Thymoquinone and sum of Volatile Oils in the seeds. Ethiopian black cumin seeds undisputedly took first place with a big advantage gap. Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds compared to other origin seeds showed superiority from 4 to 40 times!

Why BioNatal Nigella Sativa seeds are the best in class?

BioNatal Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds showed the best results during the investigations and lab analysis. The game changer was 2022 when BioNatal LLC got the additional unique information from the US farmers about conditions for creating highest TQ level. This information is about agricultural land elevation and distance to equator. Using this information, we found farms in Ethiopia that have perfect for such conditions, and we requested samples of seeds. Today, we can proudly announce that we found the highest Thymoquinone Nigella Sativa seeds level of 4.64%.