Cold-pressed VS Hot-pressed Black Seed Oil

Cold-pressed VS hot-pressed Black Seed Oil: what is the difference?

When you buy Black Seed Oil, you usually see it advertised as a cold-pressed oil. That is what you want, but we get a lot of questions about hot press and why we use cold press techniques to extract our Black Cumin Oil. So, let us put the questions to rest and look at cold-pressed VS hot-pressed Black Seed Oil and why the difference matters.

What is Cold-Pressed and Hot-Pressed?

Cold press and hot press refer to the process in which the oil is extracted from the Nigella Sativa seeds. In a cold press process, the coming out oil is not heated higher than 115˚F (+45˚C) during the extraction. With a hot press process, the friction temperature is heating the oil during extraction. In cold-pressed oil all the minerals and nutrients are preserved in full but most of the beneficial minerals and components of the Black Seed Oil are burned away during the hot press.

So why do some producers allow the hot press method? This killing quality process has several benefits over the cold press from a manufacturing standpoint: the seeds move through the machine faster, which means more oil is being extracted from the seed, and there is no pressure on the equipment from the hot soft seeds. The quality of Black Cumin Oil is poor because the main components and minerals are burned during hot-press production and burning materials appear in the oil.

Are all Black Seed Oils Cold-Pressed?

All Black Seed Oils worldwide identify as cold-pressed on the labels, but in fact most of Black Seed Oils on the market are hot-pressed. Here is what is really happening.

Almost all oils come from the Middle East and North Africa in bulk for bottling in USA and EU countries. These oils are produced in large quantities as the world market is big. It’s easy to satisfy the needs of the market if industrial equipment used for oil extraction. So, there are two things happening that convert cold press into the hot press:

  1. These machines are pressing huge quantities of Nigella Sativa seeds at a time. The machine itself raises the temperature during the extraction process – there is no way around it unless you try to defy the law of physical science. It is the equivalent of rubbing your hands together fast on a cold day. It is cold outside, and your hands are cold, but they get warmer as you rub them together. That is basically what is happening inside the industrial press machine after the first 3 hours of work. The longer the machine works, the more heat it produces.
  2. These machines are not able to extract 100% of oil from the seeds because all press machines in the Middle East and Africa were produced for the work with soft seeds like sunflower and pumpkin. Usually, the producers get only 75% of the oil after the first-time seeds pressing, so most of the producers are going for the second pressing process to get the rest of the oil and this extremely increases the temperature of the oil.

Is there any way to make things right there? Yes, there is: to work 3 hours a day and forget about 25% of oil in the seeds. When you buy cheap Black Seed Oil - be sure none of that was implemented.

What makes BioNatal Black Seed Oil unique?

BioNatal uses small commercial machines that squeeze the seeds slowly and can maintain the temperature we want. It is like being able to control how fast we rub our hands together on a cold day. This allows us to produce authentic cold-pressed Black Cumin Oil with the worm room temperature of 77-98˚F (+25-37˚C).

We also check the temperature of our oil differently. Rather than recording the temperature of the oil as it is expelled from the machine, we record temperatures of the oil inside of the machines the moment it is pressed. This eliminates any chance for the oil to have cooled once it exits the machine to get the most accurate reading.

We also work our machines for just three hours at a time to mitigate temperature increases.

The prove of the BioNatal Nigella Sativa Oil being cold-pressed, we upload the analysis of burning materials level like Benzo(a)pyrene on our website page Certificates and Analysis.

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