Black Seed Oil dosage for children

Recommended age to commence its usage

We have been receiving numerous inquiries from our customers regarding the administration of Nigella Sativa seed oil to children and the recommended age to commence its usage. It is important to note that Black Cumin Seed Oil is not classified as a medicinal drug, and there are no fixed prescriptions or official guidelines on harnessing the potential of this potent and beneficial natural product. However, we do possess insights from the Middle East, where individuals have been utilizing Black Seed Oil for centuries, including its administration to children. We are pleased to share this accumulated knowledge with you.

Furthermore, prior to sharing our research findings with you, it is crucial to acknowledge the significant disparity in potency between the strongest and weakest forms of Black Seed Oil, which can differ by up to 40 times. Therefore, not all variants of this product can be administered to children using the same standard approach. To address this, we will establish two categories based on oil potency: Ethiopian Black Cumin Oil, which, owing to its specific farm location, typically contains TQ (Thymoquinone) ranging from 2% to 4.64%, and Black Cumin Oil from other regions worldwide, which generally contains TQ levels between 0.15% and 1.5%.

In the Middle East, it is customary to commence the administration of Black Seed Oil to children between the ages of 3 and 5. It is important to bear in mind that infants and young children possess robust and undamaged immune systems, thus generally requiring no additional support. As a result, our dosage table for Nigella Sativa Oil will begin at the age of 3.

Black Seed Oil dosage for all kids ages

Dosage Ethiopian Black Seed Oil Rest of the world Black Seed Oils
1/4 tea spoon 5-7 3-5
1/2 tea spoon 8-10 6-9
1 tea spoon 11-15 10-13
2 tea spoons 16+ 14+