Black Seed Oil Benefits

The Blessed Seeds Oil

There are many websites talking about the Nigella Sativa seed and the amazing qualities of the blessed seed's oil. Most of the information are just personal experiences and opinions of the people who took the oil. Therefore, in many cases the information is incomplete or false. Islamic websites are trying to amplify the benefits of the black seed oil and a lot of information of those sources have no official evidence.

In the same time we are not trying to minimize the benefits of the black seed oil but we want to encourage you to get information from the official sources and actual scientific professors who are investigating the black seed oil benefits since 1960 and saying that they are still in process up to now. A lot of research was done specially in the Middle East research centers but they all incomplete and this is why black seed oil never gets any medical drug licenses and is never approved by any scientific research organization.

All what we have are opinions of people's experiences and understanding the importance of the Nigella Sativa seeds because it is mentioned in various religious scriptures.

Nigella Sativa Mentions in Religious Scriptures

Islam: there is a Hadith that Prophet Muhammad SAWS made a statement about Nigella Sativa seeds (Sahih Bukhari 7:71:592). It’s very famous and this Hadith is known by millions of people worldwide and not just Muslims.

Christianity: the seeds of Nigella Sativa are mentioned in the Bible (Isaiah 28, 23-29). There are many translations and explanations made by many professors but most common are saying that 23-29 is talking about cumin (ordinary) and black cumin (Nigella Sativa).

Nigella Sativa Around the World

Seeds and oil of black cumin are widely used in non-traditional medicines in various countries. In Ayurveda, black seeds (known as Kalonji in Indian) are considered one of the most beneficial seeds. Middle Eastern countries use Nigella Sativa seeds since ancient times not just as a regular food spice but in the local ancient medicine as well.

Already in 2016, at the scientific level, it became known that black seed oil owes its properties and benefits to the Thymoquinone component, which people do not get from food. TQ is well known supplement for the human immunity system. Later it was proven that some of Nigella Sativa seeds contain huge number of the special supplemental components that are hard to get:

  • Thymoquinone
  • Thymohydroquinone
  • Thymol
  • Sum of all unique Volatile Oils

It is very important to remember that black cumin oil is a natural product. The benefits and effects of oil on the human body are individual. A lot depends on the amount of Thymoquinone and other special components in the oil. To get maximum benefits from the black seed oil we need to use it daily for the long term. According to Dr. Mohammed Ramzy who is the head of Cancer Researching Center and a professor of the Wayne Medical University in United States, the black seed oil must become a daily supplement for our immune system.