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NOTE: Due to seed shipment from Ethiopia delays and the very fresh oil is on sedimentation process right now, all 16 oz black seed oil can be delay in shipping for a few days. 

Egyptian desert Wide Leaf Arugula Seed Oil 4.2oz (GLASS)

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Full description of the oil is here WIDE LEAF ARUGULA SEED OIL

The best natural oil for the hair strengthening on Earth:

- Wide leaf ARUGULA seeds from the Egyptian desert Sahara

- Seeds are very unique and rare

- Seeds from the desert have low quantity of oil but this oil is super concentrated and full of unique minerals

- Non-filtered oil (can create on the bottom up to 3% of powdered seeds in each container)
- The extraction process temperature level is 75-85F

Packing & Shipping details:

- BioNatal uses imported high quality 4.2oz glass bottles with black matte paint outside

- Our 4.2oz glass bottle we ship via FedEx Express (2 day) padded package

- Delivery time is 2-3 days by FedEx Express

For PO Boxes 2-3 days by USPS Priority Mail


BEST OIL FOR YOUR HAIR. Watch the videos to get full information and see the production process at BioNatal.

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