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Hello friends, and family, one of our main goals is to always provide you with black seed oil pressed with the freshest Ethiopian seed crop. However, this priority can sometimes cause interruptions in our stock.

Our latest Ethiopian black seed import shipment is running late, and we will be out of stock for the Ethiopian Black Seed Oil till approximately beginning of May.

To ensure that everyone gets some black seed oil before the anticipated shipment:  We will only be bottling the small Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 4.2 oz bottle.

We also have the Syrian Seed Oil available (limited quantity).

Free International orders from BioNatal Ukrainian facility still available. 

Pre-orders for the 16 oz glass/plastic are available.

Egyptian desert Wide Leaf Arugula Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)

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Full description is here WIDE LEAF ARUGULA SEED OIL

The best natural oil for the hair strengthening on Earth:

- Wide leaf ARUGULA seeds from the Egyptian desert Sahara

- Seeds are very unique and rare

- Seeds from the desert have low quantity of oil but this oil is super concentrated and full of unique minerals

- Non-filtered oil (can create on the bottom up to 3% of powdered seeds in each container)
- The extraction process temperature level is 75-85F

Packing & Shipping details:

- BioNatal uses imported high quality 16oz glass bottles with black matte paint outside
- Our 16oz glass bottle can be shipped only in the FedEx Express Medium Box (USPS Priority Mail Medium Box) with additional protection inside: carton, bubble film and foamed film.

- Delivery time is 2-3 days via FedEx 2-Day

OR 2-3 days by USPS Priority Mail in case of shipping for PO BOX holder.


BEST OIL FOR YOUR HAIR. Watch the videos to get full information and see the production process at BioNatal.

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