Treatment of camel milk and urine

In the modern life we trust only traditional medicine and most of ancient knowledge were forgotten. Nigella Sativa seeds benefits are known centuries ago and peoples extracted black seed oil about 3000 years ago. Only in 21st century this knowledge began to rebound and became relevant again. But thousands of not traditional medicine, holistic and homeopathy secrets are still in the shadow. BioNatal blog will open you one of them right now…

The founder of BioNatal (United States) was living in Egypt for long time where he got all basic knowledge about natural oils extracting and not only…

Deep inside the desert Egyptian Bedouins still use ancient healing secrets. They don’t have enough money to go for treatment to the hospitals of the big cities like Alexandria or Cairo. So, they don’t need as they have own methods and one of them is using camel milk and urine.

The founder of BioNatal made this opening in 2014 in Egypt but Bedouins living in the modern territories of UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt knew about the healing properties and benefits of camel milk and urine since the time of the emergence of Islam. It was very interesting to find out that the camel urine is one of the first antibiotics on the planet.

The camel has a highly developed immune system. Scientific experiments have proved that the urine of a camel has a disastrous effect on bacteria and viruses that cause many diseases. Bedouins do not suffer from asthma, or diabetes.

The study “Metabolomic and elemental analysis of camel and bovine urine by GC–MS and ICP–MS” in 2015 made a conclusion: The results support the previous studies of anticancer and antiplatelet activity of camel urine and provide an important path of the exploration of the new field. The study “Antimicrobial activity of Camels (Camelusdromedarius ) and Sheep urine on some pathogenic bacteria” in 2016 made a conclusion: Concentrated camel urine was reported as the best preparation of camel urine with high ability to inhibit bacterial growth. You can find in internet more researches and studies made in different time in different countries.

The professor of the Al-Jazirah University of Sudan, Dr. Mohammed Abd Allah conducted several studies and proved that camel milk and urine are capable to heal enlarged liver. Every day he gave the patients camel milk and urine and after 15 days liver patients decreased to normal size.

Camel's milk contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins that help the body with diseases such as hepatitis. And that is not all… Scientists claim that taking milk in combination with urine of desert camels is a real basis for fighting cancer.

In 2008-2010 experiment were conducted in Sharjah University and the Cancer Institute in Baghdad, Iraq. Dr. Sabah Jassim, head of the team at the Arab Biotechnology Company (ABC), said that camel has the strongest immune system on the planet and it can self-rejuvenate. Later in 2011 the team created a cure for cancer based on milk and urine of camel. According to the Dr. Sabah Jassim, the medicine showed 100% efficiency in mice during “Camelid antibodies for use in compositions and methods for the treatment of cancer” and they continue the experiments.

Today a very small Bedouin village El Dabaa on the Mediterranean Sea cost in Egypt became the place where you can find foreigners from USA, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine etc. Deep inside the desert at this village there are several camel pastures. Peoples with different health problems, mostly liver diseases are living there during one month and taking fresh camel milk with urine every morning and evening. Usually they mix 1 litter (34oz) of milk + 50gr (2oz) of urine. Almost all these people are Muslims who know these secrets and pass them from generation to generation. They are not very active on the Internet and for this reason it is almost impossible to find their feedback or course results. So if you want to go there, you should definitely get a consultation from a qualified holistic doctor.

This article is just information for review but not a medical direction! It is known that the first days of milk and urine intake cause terrible diarrhea and temperature. It may be dangerous. Any steps should be consulted by knowledgeable doctors!

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