Purity of Nigella Sativa seeds

Why is the purity of the black seeds very important? Here who are going to open you some secrets…

Black cumin seeds come from dried Nigella Sativa flower and during the selection process, a huge number of mud and dried flower particles are mixed with seeds. And from this point the most important process begins.

Black seeds are going to be cleaned from mud and dried flower particles. Usually, the result of purity is 95% which means that 5% is mud with a dried flower. The most of oil producers are buying this kind of seeds and extracting oil as this is the cheapest raw material and it’s a good deal for any producer. But the customer will get not the pure oil as they think.

BioNatal buys only expensive seeds from Ethiopia which are passing the Sortex selection method which is completely cleaning out the seeds from the mud and only 0-1% of dried Nigella Sativa flower remain in the seeds. And this fact is confirmed by the Phytosanitary Certificate and Certificate of Origin from Ethiopia which are in free access on our website on the page CERTIFICATES.

When you try to choose which black seed oil to buy then buy the oil from the producer who never hides the way they produce the oil. BioNatal gives the customers full information about production process on the page QUALITY. And how much do you know about the oils which you bought from other producers before?

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