Organic black seed oil - possible or not?

Many people are interested in the following question: “Is your back seed oil organic or not?”

Let’s see how it works… The founder of BioNatal in USA gives his personal opinion

There are several big companies who supply black seed oil in the United States in huge quantities. In the same time, you can find black seed oil in any quantities almost in all countries in the world. Because of this situation peoples all over the World start to think that black cumin oil is like sunflower oil, but it’s so wrong.

No one ever was thinking how many seeds we need to press all these quantities of oil. To get black seed oil 16oz container producer need to press about 48oz of Nigella Sativa seeds. Companies from the Middle East can use 32oz of seeds as mostly they use two-times hot press. Our company BioNatal to get 16oz of pure black seed oil needs 74oz of seeds using a super cold-press method with 77-84°F.

As we see, even hot-press requires a big number of seeds for oil extraction. So, think about how many oils on sale all over the World and think about the source of Nigella Sativa seeds. The black cumin seeds are coming from the Nigella Sativa flower. The seeds are very small and each flower can give not more than 2gr of seeds. Try to imagine how many flowers we need for to collect enough seeds. And now open Google search and try to find images by request “Nigella Sativa farms” of “Nigella Sativa fields”. Very poor results, right? So, from where all these oils come from??? That question nobody asks himself because big suppliers made peoples think that black seed oil is like sunflower oil.

The quantity of Nigella Sativa seeds is not a problem anymore after big companies made black seed oil a source of huge profit and beneficial business. Now flowers are growing in big quantities in many different countries even with not perfect land and water for this plant. Different minerals and salt make seeds poorer than the same raw material from the country of origin.

So, is it possible to buy organic black seed oil or not? Here we may ask ourselves – is it possible to grow the flowers in the greenhouses or not? If yes, then how many quantities of the material for oil extracting can you collect? No one wants to lose money, not a supplier of oil, not a farmer, and especially customers want to buy organic black seed oil with cheap price. Nice! So what we have in the 21st century as the result? We have a huge number of flower fields in different countries (not countries of origin) which you cannot find on Google but we know that they supply a lot of seeds.

Well, the question is still open – are these seeds organic or not? Here we can give an example. Many years I was living in the Middle East and was working in the black seed oil production. One time the farmers told me that there are no organic seeds on the planet if we are talking about big farms with a big crop for oil production, especially in the Middle East. If they stop use pesticides then they will lose 50% of the harvest. But they don’t want to lose harvest and money.

The final word… Not many peoples know that some big companies in Europe and USA never press oil because work is expensive in the U.S. and EU. They buy extracted black seed oil from India, Turkey, Egypt, and Syria in bulk and just bottling after arriving. Right! Not organic seeds and mostly not cold-press. At the end of the story, I just leave here pictures made back in 2014 and 2016.

Black seed oil is preparing to be shipped to the U.S. by air cargo in Egypt (2014)

Black seed oil is loading into the container for the delivery to USA in Turkey (2016)

So, in my personal opinion, there is no organic black seed oil. It’s impossible because there are no organic Nigella Sativa seeds in huge quantities for oil extracting in the World. That is my personal opinion.

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