New black seed soap shape

BioNatal starts big production of handmade black seed soap. Every week we produce 40 soaps. This number is not big but for 100% natural handmade sops it’s a big number. The increase in soap production entailed a change in the volume and shape of soap. We have increased the volume of natural Nigella Sativa soap from 150g to 170-200g. The Ethiopian black seeds from now are on the side of the soap but not on the top of it.

Sometimes we have marked “SOLD OUT” in case if we sell 40 soaps for 7 days. In this case, you have to check the Online Store in a few days. We cannot sell more than 40 per week even we have a lot of black seed soaps available because each piece of soap should stay 30 days after production day. But better use it after 45 days. Handmade soap is like a vine – the older the better.

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