Natural black seed oil color

It’s a very interesting fact that real black seed oil can be different colors. First of all, color depends of the seeds’ country of origin. BioNatal managers have many years of experience in extracting natural oils in Egypt and determined that the best Nigella Sativa seeds are grown in Ethiopia. The Middle East is the main area for Nigella Sativa flower cultivation. The seed oil is yellow in countries located further west from Saudi Arabia. Those countries located to the North and East of Saudi Arabia produce brown oil. The seeds found closer to the equator will produce black color oil due to the hot climate. At the same time, oil from such seeds is richest in nutrition, minerals and substances. According to the agricultural land facts, Ethiopia is the only country growing black cumin seeds closer to the equator. Yemen is also not far but agricultural land and water are different.

Black seed oil from Ethiopian seeds appears black only in big quantities. The smaller the dosage, the more yellow it seems, especially on a white or light background. It is very difficult to determine from which region the raw material came from when using a regular aluminum spoon.

BioNatal uses only Ethiopian seeds and you can see the shipment certificates from Ethiopia on our Certificates page. Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds are the most expensive on the market but BioNatal’s purpose is to bring the best pure product from the Middle East to the U.S.

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