Hand-made black seed soap

BioNatal is testing different formulas for the natural black seed soap production. Towards the end of December 2017 we received different qualities of Nigella Sativa soap. It’s a hard process as our soap is 100% hand-made and we tried to use black cumin seeds and oil in maximum quantities for the soap production. At the end, we produced real black seed soap as shown on the picture. This soap will take another 25 days for final congealing and formation and after that it will go through the final test.

If this formula meets our expectations then BioNatal will start producing 100% hand-made natural black seed soap by the end of February 2018. This natural product may appear at our BioNatal Online Store towards the end of March 2018 as natural soaps take 30 days after producing to congealing and formation.

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