Bottling black seed oil

BioNatal bottling black seed oil process

Bionatal begins bottling oil into branded 16oz. bottles. By mid-June 2018 we expect the delivery of seals and bottles labels. By the end of June, natural 100% black cumin seed oil from the Ethipian Nigella Sativa seeds can be ordered on our Online Store.

One of the best design companies in California created and developed BioNatal labels, and now we are currently at the printing stage. At the moment, we have already started bottling our first fresh Nigella Sativa seed oil. The sediment in the form of melted seeds is at the bottom of the bottles and is no more than 5%. This sediment is a very beneficial product that enrich the oil of black cumin. Unfortunately, all other producers get rid of it, in order to put oil as soon as possible for sale. BioNatal is waiting a natural drop of oil sediment to the bottom of the barrels within 30 days. Thus, we offer a very unique and full-fledged product.

At the end of June, the bottled black seed oil can be freely purchased on our branded Online Store. Do not miss the chance to test it first!

BioNatal black seed oil 16oz bottles

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