Black seed oil sludge

Black seed oil is not the only product produced by BioNatal in Texas, USA. The oil is extracted from the pure Nigella Sativa seeds and cleansed. After cleaning the oil we get 20% of sludge which is the seed’s powder. This sludge is beneficial and we don’t filter the oil as all producers in the world do. We leave the seeds powder in the oil because filtered cannot contain full nutrition elements and minerals. We understand this fact and that’s why we are the only company in the world who carefully cleans the oil.

We know the benefits of the black seeds and after obtaining the sludge from the cleaning process, we use the product’s remains to produce natural cosmetics. We have been testing the formula for about one month and almost finished creating our handmade black seed soap. We plan to start our daily soap production in April 2018 and our natural handmade black seed soap will be ready by mid-May after standing process.

BioNatal natural handmade Nigella Sativa soap from Ethiopian seeds will be available on our factory online store. Our customers will soon have a great opportunity to try the benefits of the 100% natural black seed handmade soap. You will not find better quality of the black cumin seed soap somewhere else. We kindly ask you to leave reviews on our website after using our products.

In the future, we plan to use the black seed oil sludge to produce natural hair lotions and creams. Stay tuned, soon you will have the opportunity to try all BioNatal natural products for healthy skin and hair.

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