Black seed oil production date

BioNatal LLC is the producer of the high quality handmade black seed oil from the Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds in the USA. Many companies offer black seed oil, but most customers never know answers on such questions as… - What seeds were used to extract the oil? - What the pressing temperature was? - What are the sanitary conditions of the facility? And two more interesting questions: - When was the oil extracted? - When is the best use date? Most of the Nigella Sativa oil on the U.S. market is coming from India and was extracted in India. Huge production takes time, delivery, customs, and sales process also take time. Will you be happy buying black seed oil to see that your oil was produced 7 or 10, or 12 months ago? So, for most of the sellers it’s better not to show the production date.

BioNatal is extracting oil in the U.S. High demand in our oil never lets us create storage of the product. Recently we have had delay shipping, for 2 weeks or even a month (in October 2018). BioNatal customers always get fresh oil and we also put stickers on the labels with production and expiration dates. You can see a picture of our just extracted oil with rich foam.

Buy fresh if you buy it for yourself!

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