Black seed handmade soap is ready

BioNatal finally created and tested the final formula for natural handmade black cumin seeds soap production. Experiments took place during one month and we made several soap samples using black seed oil sludge after cleaning the extracted Nigella Sativa oil. Sludge consists of pure black cumin oil and seeds powder produced after pressing the seeds. This raw material is very beneficial and very rich in minerals, vitamins and other useful elements.

The process of creating this formula took a long time because there is no existing soap formula for this kind of material, specially, in our case it’s basic and main material. The biggest challenge we had is to make strong soap as the sludge made the soap soft using standard formulas.

Today we are almost ready to start daily production of handmade 100% natural black seed soap. The benefits of this soap for the skin are higher than any analogs in the world because we use the strongest cumin seeds from Ethiopia. Rest assured, there are no other black seed soaps that exceed our quality standard product. In addition, we will put real Nigella Sativa seeds on the top of the soap as a decoration and reminder that this soap is made from the seeds which you can touch.

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