BioNatal is officially open

BioNatal is now officially open in the U.S. and we have obtained all licenses for natural oil extracting and producing natural cosmetic products. We are located in Edinburg, TX and are currently working on preparing and establishing our office, warehouse and manufacturing premises.

Our company was established by managers who have worked in the oil extracting business in Egypt for the last 7 years. During this time, knowledge about different rare Middle East natural products and its striking effect was obtained. Middle East is very famous for using natural ingredients in cosmetics and traditional medicine. However, they lack in using good sanitary measures, regulations and quality specialists. We are the first company in the U.S. who will bring special products, ancient secrets and Middle Eastern experience. BioNatal will produce pure black seed oil from the organic seeds of Africa, North Africa and Asia. BioNatal will fill in quality gaps and offer the highest quality healing products and natural cosmetics that are missing in modern American lifestyles.

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