About BioNatal black seed soap

BioNatal black seed soap is produced really manually, without the use of factory technologies, and this process is under strict control. Each soap is made separately and due to this, very high-quality products are achieved. In the composition of handmade soap, synthetic additives are inadmissible. Natural oils are used in production only.

For the natural handmade Nigella Sativa soap BioNatal uses extra virgin olive oil, black seed oil and powdered black cumin seeds of Ethiopian origin. Extra virgin olive oil has an excellent effect on the skin and excellent handling in the role of the mediator between the skin and black seeds.

As a natural handmade soap without any kind of chemical additives, BioNatal black seed soap needs 60 days after production to mature. BioNatal is waiting all this time just for the purpose to bring the best for the customers.

On the top of the BioNatal black caraway soap we spray the real Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds for our online buyers always remember that the product in their hands is 100% real.

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