Handmade  from powdered Ethiopian Nigella Sativa Seeds & Oil

Handmade soap is a natural product that has a number of significant advantages over the products that are offered in various beauty shops. Store soap contains a large number of harmful chemical components that adversely affect the health of the skin.


BioNatal created the formula of the very unique product – black seed soap. Our soap is 100% natural and handmade. For the production, we use very beneficial sediment of the Nigella Sativa Oil. This sediment (sludge) consists of powdered seeds and oil. The seeds from Ethiopia which we use for oil extracting and soaps production are very beneficial and rich in nutrition components and minerals. This is why the soap smell like black seeds (agricultural product). No essential oils or extraneous additives used.


In addition, BioNatal adds extra virgin olive oil to the composition as this is the best oil for skin care and make a good connection between skin and powdered black seeds. This soap does not contain any kind of additives or dangerous chemical substances. Also, BioNatal is 100% handmade, so it takes 60 days for soap to be ready, that’s why the availability always limited.


BioNatal black cumin soap from the Ethiopian seeds and oil contain:

  • Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds

  • Powdered Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds

  • Ethiopian black seed oil

  • Beef fat

  • Olive oil

  • Refined rice bran oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Castor oil


Black seed soap used as a soap only. Buy this nice soap from unique and rare product and by the acceptable price on BioNatal online store. Nigella Sativa handmade soap is good for cleaning the oily type of skin. Soap has a pilling effect because of the powdered seeds in it but it can make dry skin drier.