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NOTE: Due to seed shipment from Ethiopia delays and the very fresh oil is on sedimentation process right now, all 16 oz black seed oil can be delay in shipping for a few days. 

Black Seed Mask 4oz (Ethiopian Seeds)

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Black seed Mask is 100% natural black seed oil sediment. It's a powdered seeds with 30% of oil.
- No additives or any other ingredients

APPLY MASK AND RINSE RIGHT AWAY (30 seconds) due to high concentration level of black seeds. Mix it before apply. The mask is very useful for oily skin.

You can find more information about the natural creamy skin mask on the PRODUCTS page.

Packing & Shipping:

- We ship BioNatal black seed facial mask in the FedEx Express (USPS Priority Mail) bobble envelope with additional bubbled film inside.

- Delivery time is 2-3 days by free FedEx Express

OR 2-3 days by free USPS Priority Mail in case of shipping for PO BOX holder.

BioNatal is a real producer of the high-quality handmade black seed oil from the strongest Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds. After the oil extracting process, we are waiting 30 days to collect natural sediment on the bottom. The sediment is powdered black seeds which are coming with fresh oil during the pressing process.

After separating pure oil from sediment (80% to 20%) the black seed oil bottling in the proportion 95% to 5%. It’s mean that we still have 15% of powdered seeds available after the bottling process. This sediment also contains some quantity of oil which makes the substance looks like cream.

People of the Middle East apply black seed oil on the body skin and facial skin. Nigella Sativa mask is very concentrated and is good for problematic oily skin. We advise to wash the face with water right away after you apply the mask

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