Ethiopian Black Seed Powder

Black seed powder is a very interesting product. The main purpose of this product is the source of nutrition additive. It’s not so famous product on the world market today as most of companies are offering black seed oil but never really produce it. Most of black cumin seed oil on the market is coming in bulk from India, Turkey, Syria, and Egypt for many companies in Europe and USA who just bottling this filtered oil without sediment (powdered seeds). That’s why most of the companies cannot offer such products like natural Nigella Sativa seeds, soap, mask or powder because they never had available the black cumin seeds or the sediment.        


Most known uses of the black seed powder as nutrition additive for:

  • Facial masks

  • Hair masks

  • Creams

  • Soap making

  • Middle East food dishes


The technique of Nigella Sativa seed powder production is very simple. BioNatal is using a totally natural process: cleaning 99% pure Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds to a 100% level, crush and then powder it using special equipment.