My beloved Grandmothers were my first herbalist and healers within their respective households’ cultures of ‘self care and self love’. Various medicinal seasonal herbs were a part of my child hood lifestyle regardless of the taste, which was a part of their equation for providing a “we don’t get sick” household culture. BioNatal’s Black Seed Oil reminds me of being nurtured by my Grandmothers’ herbal practices. Everything they did for my well being remains influential and sacred to this day!

My Ayurvedic Bodywork Women Only Los Angeles based private practice commands a disciplined moral lifestyle mentally, spiritually and physically. I transitioned from vegetarian (1990) to vegan (2014) over a 20 year period. I remain proactive in practicing, mindfully maintaining and implementing life-giving regimens through yoga, meditation, pranayama, therapeutic self care bodywork, wildcrafted pure essential oils, vegan diet, herbal base products that ensure an optimal personal wellness program.

Currently, I am eversoelated to be on my 5th bottle of BioNatal’s Black Seed Oil. BioNatal’s Black Seed Oil is definitely an acquired taste that is well worth it! The multi-benefits are immeasurable offering tremendous accents to my personal wellness program!  

As an Ayurvedic Bodyworker, I include external applications of warm BioNatal’s Black Seed Oil on clients areas of discomforts, i.e., feet/ankles, muscular injuries, major joints, neck and lower back pain. Using heated basalt stones or herbal bolus with the oil, by the end of their treatments, they boast a significant reduction in discomfort and marvel at improved mobility!

I recommend BioNatal Black Seed Oil  to family, neighbors, friends and clients who are always in need of a new lease on life.  

As a part of my morning rituals of waking up to a brand new day, I eagerly welcome daily morning and evening BioNatal Black Seed Oil intake of teaspoons, with or without cinnamon/honey base. I follow my intakes sipping a cup of warm water or herbal tea while basking in the morning sun or moonlight, allowing my body 15 or 20 mins to experience BioNatal’s Black Seed Oil palpability. Priceless!

I am quite fond of BioNatal’s dark amber glass bottle that contains literally an infusion of the pure pressed black seeds ensuring and enhancing its potency.

BioNatal’s dedication and reputable processing met and surpassed my discriminating due diligence. I must confess having traveled to Ethiopia, I hold a deep reverence for Ethiopia’s culture, which is the origin of BioNatal’s black seeds and their customer service is exceptional!

BioNatal’s Black Seed Oil is the epitome of excellence, impeccable quality and unrelenting stringent operational integrity seamlessly producing the most authentic Black Seed Oil aka the “Elixir of Life!”


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