When the Center for Disease Control and other federal agencies issued guidelines to control the spread of COVID-19, BioNatal was already one step ahead. BioNatal’s rigorous Black Seed Oil production controls made it easy to implement these new requirements.

Because BioNatal’s Black Seed Oil is edibile, it was already meeting the most exacting state and federal requirements at every stage of production. This already included a totally clean processing environment. Equipment was already being cleaned on a daily basis. Workers were already wearing the required protective equipment to keep the Nigella Seeds as clean and pure as possible.

All BioNatal staff are committed to maintaining this ultra-clean environment. When federal, state and local requirements were upgraded, BioNatal staff quickly and easily implemented the new procedures.

All areas are now being sanitized with the appropriate cleaning agents at least three times a day. Masks were already being used in some areas of the production process. Now, all employees in the production area are required to wear masks at all times.

BioNatal installed additional sanitation stations for the employees to quickly access at any time.

Non-production employees are now required to meet local regulations that require the use of masks and social distancing when possible. BioNatal quickly developed and implemented a Work Safe Plan as required by the city.

BioNatal keeps up with and tracks employee health and any signs of symptoms of fever or other indicators of COVID-19. All BioNatal employees are required to follow strict handwashing guidelines at all times. Employees who are feeling sick are required to stay home until they feel better or seek medical advice from their doctor.

We also take care to make sure our suppliers are also meeting the highest standards. We only buy Black Seed Oils with an Ethiopian Certificate of Origin. Of course, as our regular customers already know, BioNatal Black Seed Oil is certified to have the highest level of Thymoquinone in the industry.

For our customers’ safety, all products are sanitized before leaving the premises. This includes the Black Seed Oil, Black Seed Soap, Black Seed Lotion, Black Seed Mask, Black Seeds and Black Seed Powder. However, we advise you to clean the outside of your products when you receive them since they are being handled by others outside of BioNatal’s control. Our shippers are among the most committed to keeping all their deliveries clean and getting them to you on time. The CDC recommends that you clean any items shipped to your home.

At BioNatal, we take your safely seriously and will do everything we can to keep our products pure and safe. We are also committed to keeping you and our employees safe. When you order any product from BioNatal, you can be assured we are committed to these principles.

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