Egyptian Anise Seeds 1lb
Egyptian Anise Seeds 1lb

Egyptian Anise Seeds 1lb

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  • Egyptian origin
  • Best world type
  • Tasty healthy tea
  • High-aroma food spice
  • Strongest aroma
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BioNatal Egyptian Anise Seeds:

One of the best world herbal teas. The ancient Egyptian taste that came through the centuries. This is one of the main herbal teas of Egyptian homeopathy and holistic product for thousands of years.

How to use anise seeds as a tea:

Use it as a tea for better health, a source of nutrition, and protection during the cold season. It supports the immune system as well.
One tablespoon for a full cup of hot water. Add sugar for the sweet taste. It has wonderful herbal aroma and taste, but a teaspoon of honey will make it even better and more beneficial.

Anise seeds in holistic Middle East practices:
  • Health protection in the wintertime
  • Normalize the digestive system
  • Breath freshening
  • Increasing appetite
  • Ingredient for natural Mediterranean cosmetics
  • Component for holistic aroma products
Anise seeds in cooking:
  • National cuisines: Portuguese, German, Italian, Middle Eastern and French
  • Classic dishes: sauerkraut, soaked apples, anise bread, tinctures
  • Included in mixtures: curry, hoisin sauce, pepperoni mixtures
  • Combination with spices: bay leaf, coriander, fennel, ordinary cumin
highest qualities in the world
Egyptian Anise Seeds

Egyptian anise seeds are one of the highest qualities in the world due to the farm’s location in the historical agricultural area near to Beni Suef that was founded by Prophet Yusuf (Joseph). Anise also grows in Syria, Pakistan, and India. But if you compare the aroma and taste of the anise tea from all these areas, you will not hesitate even a second to choose Egyptian as the best one.

Ancient Egyptians used anise, specifically from the time when the richest farms were founded around Beni Suef. Beni Suef is a green agricultural area along the Nile River in the desert south of Cairo. The climate, the desert soil, and the water from the historical Nile River create anise seeds with the strongest aroma and taste in the world.

Try the hot tea from anise seeds with sugar or a teaspoon of honey and you will never forget this taste. People who try this tea during their visit in Egypt always look for the same seeds to buy but unfortunately, the market offers only low-cost seeds from India and Syria. BioNatal LLC delivers the best 100% Egyptian anise seeds to the United States. Enjoy it!