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Rashid Demchenko

Chief Operating Officer 



BLACK SEED OIl production 

Mr. Gee is so happy with the BioNatal black seed oil quality. He shares a picture of his just received 16oz black cumin oil from the Ethiopian seeds. He knew what he gets as he tried a smaller 4oz container of our super strong black seed oil just a week before. 

Hey guys! 
We have January BioNatal winners. Free black seed oil from the richest Ethiopian seeds with the highest TQ of 3.56% will be shipped today to the lucky winners.

The question was about Tutankhamun's tomb. Watch this video to see who are the winners. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and take part in the next raffles and games for th...

January 2020 - it's time for the new raffle. But this time we changed the rules.


- Rashid asks you a question in this video.

- Place your answer in the comment section on the YouTube video (till Monday, 20 January).

- Wait for the next video with the right answer and announcement of the winners (Tuesday, 21 January). 

Do you want to see approximately 150 real reviews of the highest-quality and strongest black seed oil from Ethiopian seeds on the market? 

Our December 2019 raffle video collected these reviews in the comment section. We asked our customers to place any comment to participate in the raffle and almost everyone shared their experience...

Dear Partners and Friends,
Today was the first day we shipped half our orders with FedEx 2-Day delivery Express. Tomorrow, all orders will be shipped using FedEx but will continue using USPS for USPS PO BOX holders and small orders like black seeds, powders and soaps.

We have improved the shipping quality without affecting the product...

January 13, 2020

On the Radar just uploaded video about a company that used BioNatal's name and On the Radar's name to promote their black seed oil.

January 8, 2020

Hey guys,

Here some of our followers posted a video of our Ethiopian Nigella Sativa seeds. Check this out. We asked him, if possible to create such kind of video with our BioNatal black seed oil. Let's wait. 

Hey guys,

Just letting you know that the herbalist Kareem uploaded a video where he says how he started a black seed oil business and that luckily he got the same oil supplier as BioNatal.

It is a well known fact that BioNatal never gets the oil. BioNatal imports Nigella Sativa seeds from Ethiopia and extracts the oil in the U.S.  Mr. Karee...

Today we sign with FedEx. Starting from the end of the next week FedEx will care all BioNatal shipments. 2-3 days domestic delivery guarantee. If your destination is not safe then it will be possible to deliver package to the FedEx location in your nearest Dollar General or Walgreens.

And the most important is still FREE SH...

January 2, 2020

We wish you a happy new year!

This is the very first BioNatal black seed oil review this year. We wish you all the best and hope you always will get superior quality products in 2020.