Black seeds and oil: Properties, Benefits, Uses


Seeds of black cumin are actively used in cooking, as a flavoring seasoning. However, their importance is not limited to this. From these small seeds, a wonderful product is obtained, which has a huge number of useful properties – black seed oil.


These precious seeds are gotten from the fetus of the flower Nigella Sativa. It originated from foreign southwestern Asia the Mediterranean, and from there it spread to some countries in Africa, where today it is very productive with a large quantity. The plant reaches a height about knee-deep, has a straight branchy stem, dissected leaves, and bluish flowers. It’s similarly recognized as black seed, 100%  black seeds, comino negro, black cumin, black onion, black sesame, black-caraway, nigella, pure black seed, and kalonji. 


The miraculous capacities of the dark cumin have been known centuries.  We believe this to be real. It is supposed, that this is one of the secrets of the beauty of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The rulers of the Middle East took the oil of Kalonji to maintain good health and longevity. The ancient Egyptians had many uses for black seed oil: such as a natural cosmetic, as an antidote for snake bites, to improve digestion, to get rid of intestinal parasites. It was found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs in the form of a container with healing oil, as evidenced of the significance of the plant in ancient times. Thus, the oil from the Egyptian seeds was eventually named "Royal".


According to modern archaeological research, the history of the use of this flower’s seed oil/oils in traditional remedy in Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East is about 3000 years old. There are many historical facts of priming these seeds by ancient scientists and healers. So, for example, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates knew about the Nigella Sativa and applied it to treat his patients. His compatriot Dioscorides used these seeds for treating headaches and toothaches.


  • The Prophet Mohammed (SAW) told about this plant “There is healing in black seeds for all diseases except death” (Sahih Bukhari 7:71:592)

  • Written mention of black cumin is recorded in the pages of the Bible (Isaiah 28, 23-29).

  • Ayurvedic tracts mentioned about beneficial properties of black onion seeds.


The reason for the popularity of Nigella Sativa seeds as a universal natural remedy is the complex chemical composition of the seeds. Each tiny seed contains a vast quantity of vitamins, natural resources, and sources of fatty acids. The main active component of the oil is a crystalline nigelon, a substance that is not fully understood by chemists, but has been thoroughly investigated by physicians.


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The nutrition of different seeds from different regions is different, as it depends on the soil, water, and climate of the region. Thus, the effect of using seed oil can be different. This explains the fact that people buying products without knowing what seeds were used for obtaining the oil do not feel the effect. Today many countries with an unfavorable climate for the cultivation of the flower Nigella Sativa try to cultivate it on a large scale, in order to get seeds for sales to factories which produce natural oils. That’s why the first question that a buyer of such rare product should ask is: "What seeds were used for the oil extraction?". But this is not the only criteria for the quality of the product, so for more information about it, check out the page of our website Quality.


Seeds and properly extracted black seed oil (by last reports in 2016) contain more than 100 active ingredients and about 50 catalysts of natural cell biosynthesis, and this is not all...


     “There are still many components that have not been identified yet and research is currently on-going around the world with respect to this plant” (Zahoor et al., 2004)


According to Dr. Axe, the creator of the famous American site of alternative medicine, which cites the information of the Egyptian Journal of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, cumin seeds include very important Phytochemical components that make this product very powerful and useful:

  • Thymoquinone (TQ)

  • Thymohydroquinone (THQ)

  • Thymol

Here are some details about those Phytochemical components:

  • THYMOQUINONE – this substance is contained in 30-40% essential oils of Nigella Sativa seeds. This substance was first obtained in 1960 by Professor El-Dakhakhny. 

  • THYMOHYDROQUINONE – it’s another kind of Thymoquinone. It is the most potent natural acetylcholinesterase inhibitors on the planet. Thymohydroquinone has the main role in halting enzyme activity. This allows a brain to keep a big amount of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine longer.  . 

  • THYMOL – is an active and famous ingredient that has medicinal properties, benefits, and useful qualities. Thymol is widely used in medical practice and in the pharmaceutical industry. There is even a medical drug called “Thymol” - antihelminthic drug, antiseptic, bactericidal, antipruritic, and anthelmintic means. On its basis, there are also other drugs, such as tooth elixirs and disinfectants.



Now consider the chemical composition of seeds of black onion. Seeds from different countries have been tested and investigated in various laboratories around the world since the early 1990’s. There are many research results with different data since we have already mentioned the fact that seed nutrition depends on the place of origin, as the main factors affecting the development of seed are the soil, water, and climate of a particular region. In this case, we will compare the seeds from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, India, Pakistan, China, India, Ethiopia, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Sudan. We took analyses results which were determined by the of AOAC methods in 1997, and for comparison, we added research results from other Middle East countries.


       “The pure seeds of Nigella sativa showed richness and diversity in its biological structure.  These seeds contain carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, volatile, and fixed oils” (Rajsekhar and Kuldeep, 2011)


Different regions seeds chemical ingredients table:

The black seed oil contains following list and percentage of fatty acids:

 You see a big discrepancy between seeds testing data from the different regions of Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean. This once again proves that the quality of the oil is directly dependent on the seeds and BioNatal never makes a secret about which seeds we use for extracting the oil. In our Quality section, you can find out which seeds are considered the best and which ones we use for the production of natural oil.

     Important Vitamins in black seeds:

- The table was created by average research result of 2004

Furthermore, “Biological examination of Nigella Sativa contents has revealed that it contains carotene, which is converted into Vitamin A by the liver” (Nergiz and Otles, 1993)


Important components in seeds and oil of natural Nigella is the presence of Fiber. Unfortunately, there is no particular study that specifies the composition of this ingredient in black cumin oil, but these studies were carried out by The Enzymatic-Gravimetric Assay in 1996, and the presence of the following components was verified:

  • Total Dietary Fiber (TDF)

  • Soluble Dietary Fiber (SDF)

  • Insoluble Dietary Fiber (IDF)


The fiber content of samples of different varieties of Nigella Sativa seeds:

In the end, we will present the results of seed analysis from the same countries on the presence of minerals. This table even more clearly shows the huge difference in the quality of cumin seeds from different countries due to the big difference in the number of various minerals in them. Mineral content was also determined by the AOAC methods in 1997, using the flame AAS system. Also, for the global comparison, we have added research results from other Arab sources, in particular from Yemen.


The mineral content difference of the black seeds from different countries:

Conclusion: the tables that we presented above and that compare the black cumin seeds from different countries clearly indicate that the quality can be different globally. The oil, extracted using natural black seeds from different countries, also has a different tone, color, and bitterness.


Thanks to the many years of our manager’s experience regarding oil extraction in Egypt, today BioNatal is the only company in the U.S. that has a clear understanding of the seed difference, and thus works only with proven suppliers of raw materials from specific regions. In the Quality section, you will learn about the quality of Ethiopian black cumin seeds, which BioNatal works with. Additionally, you will see the analysis of our oil, and BioNatal never makes a secret of it because we are sure that our product is the best and purest. Our customers should know everything about our products!


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There are many works and articles on the internet about the possessions of black seed oil, so we only emphasize the main properties that were collected by the Iraqi and Malaysian Universities, published in The Pertanika Journal of Scholarly Research in 2016 named "The Various Effects of Nigella Sativa on Multiply System in Human and Animals ". Thus, we have obtained 18 proven properties of kalonji oil of various studies, mainly 2010-2011.


This list includes research done on properties:


  • Confirmed in 1986 by El-Kadi & Kandil, in 2011 by Rogozhin, and in 2013 by Al-Khalaf & Ramadan

  • Confirmed in 2009 by Halawani, in 2010 by Suresh Kumar & Udaya Sankar, in 2010 by Halamova, and  in 2012 by Khuder

  • Confirmed in 2005 by Mohamed, Metwally, & Mahmoud, and in 2013 by Al-Khalafand Ramadan

  • Confirmed in 2013 by Al-Khalafand RamadanConfirmed in 2011 by Rogozhin

  • Confirmed in 1996 by Sagesaka, in 2011 by Ayed & Talal, and in 2013 by Al-Khalaf & Ramadan

  • Confirmed in 2000 by El-Dakhakhny, Barakat, El-Halim, & Aly

  •  Confirmed in 1989 by Bailey & Day, and in 2011 by Rogozhin

  • Confirmed in 2000 by El-Dakhakhny, and in 2006 by El Mezayen

  • Confirmed in 2011 by Rogozhin

  • Confirmed in 1999 by Badary, in 2004 by Gupta, Mazumder, Kumar & Gomathi, in 2006 by Tawfeek, and in 2011 by Rogozhin

  • Confirmed in 2000 by El-Dakhakhny, and in 2006 by El Mezayen

  • Confirmed in 2011 by Rogozhin

  • Confirmed in 2011 by Rogozhin

  • Confirmed in 2000 by Al-Asadi, and in 2011 by Rogozhin

  • Confirmed in 2011 by Rogozhin

  • Confirmed in 1986 by El-Kadi & Kandil, in 1997 by Badary, in 2003 by Samantha, Nalinie, Ira, Neelakanthi & Mayuri, in 2011 by Ayed & Talal, and in the same 2011 also by Randhawa & Alghamdi

  • Confirmed in 2001 by Al-Ghamdi, in 2003 by Al-Naggar, Gómez-Serranillos, Carretero, & Villar, in 2008 by Alsaif, and in 2011 by Rogozhin


Black seed oil promotes good health. 


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Since 1959, many of black seeds’ health welfares have been confirmed by a number of tests in biomedical literature. To list all the researches resulting from around the world would be impossible so, in this paragraph, we just want to show you a few key results published regarding the effects and




Overall Black Seed Oil has many benefits and promotes good health.  Many research and studies have been done.  Nowadays, this oil is used in various ways. sources such as health and natural medicine portals, forums, blogs, and informative websites mention the many benefits the oil has. As per FDA regulations, Bionatal, LLC can not share the many uses and benefits black seed offers, unless we have the actual physical evidence.  A famous Spanish saying states if that “if there is sound in the river, its because it carries water”. We encourage you to research and find out what people, bloggers and social media are saying.  Readings of history include famous ruler Cleopatra, and how she had many uses for Black Seed Oil. 


Find readings from Dioscorides and Hippocrates.  Additionally we have found the following entities doing research:


Professor and expert in oncology Dr. Peter Schleicher, studies of the medical faculty of Egyptian University Al-Azhar, big works of Egyptian Dr. Ahmen El Kady, researches of Californian Immuno-Biological Research Laboratory, American scientists report "Study of the effects of Nigella Sativa on humans", works of Dr. Debasis Mondal from Tulane University, reports of Dr. Steven R. Goodman, results of the Wayne State Medical University professor and head of the Center of Cancer Research Dr. Mohammed Ramsey, TJ University in Philadelphia, studies of the University of Ankara, No.12 journal of Applied and Fundamental Research, Dhaka University in Bangladesh studies,  and many others...





  • Nigella Sativa is one of the oldest spices used by people. 


  • To date, more than 150 scientific studies in different countries are known. It was revealed that the unique combination of biologically active substances contained in the black cumin seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant gives many positive effects.


  • For women, phytosterols and antibacterial substances that are found in caraway seed oil are of particular importance.


  • People in the Far and the Middle East are using it throughout life to get the full effect of the beneficial properties of the wonderful black seeds.


  • Peoples in the Middle East and North Africa are using it not only internal but also external and they have big knowledge and traditions about using black seed oil for skin and hair health. The knowledge of black seed oil benefits is transferring from generation to generation since ancient times.  



     This is a very famous effect of black seed. In colder countries, like Russia and Scandinavia, this liquid has grown very highly demanded, starting from the beginning of the 2000’s as people proved in practice that they get sick less in the winter time by using it.


According to El-Kadi and Kandil in 1986, Black Seed has positive effects on the immune system.


Dr. Mohammed Ramsy, a professor of Wayne State University (USA), said: "The best thing for human health is to take black seed oil in the morning and in the evening, a teaspoon ...


Many doctors of natural medicine assure that Nigella Sativa can be used as to promote health.


This was confirmed by Dr. Mohammed Ramsy from Wayne Stete University (USA) in an interview in 2012 after a forum in Dagestan when he said: "By my research, I confirmed that the action of Nigella Sativa works ... My sincere advice is to take it every day for prolonged prevention, I use it by myself.”


Dr. Axe, the famous American doctor of natural medicine, says on his site that black seed oil is one of its kind through a variety of mechanisms.



Over 200 university researches between 1959 and 2017 can attest to the real effects of black seed oil.  Black seed oil has many common uses.  We encourage you to research informative articles and studies of the many uses and benefits Nigella Sativa has to offer.



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